About Midwest Clinician's Network

Our Mission

The Midwest Clinicians' Network, Inc.'s (MWCN) mission is to enhance professional and personal growth for clinicians to become effective leaders for their health centers and promoters of quality, community-based primary health care .

About the Network
MWCN is a nonprofit corporation consisting of ten states in the Midwest: Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Kansas , Michigan , Minnesota , Missouri , Nebraska , Ohio and Wisconsin . The Network , house at the Michigan Primary Care Association, is open to all clinical providers within Region V & Region VII . MWCN provides research opportunities, mentoring programs and education opportunities for all its members.

Clinicians began membership networking in 1992. The first panel of officers was elected and by-laws adopted, and the network was incorporated in June, 1994.  Clinicians from all disciplines are invited to enjoy membership. Representation is sought from physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, dental hygienists , social workers, dietitians, nutritionist, health educators and all other allied health professionals serving in the primary care setting.

General membership meetings are held annually. Members may participate on the following committees:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Quality
  • Executive
  • Research

Member and Non-Member Advertising Opportunities
For information on purchasing ads for the quarterly newsletter see the Advertising Terms.

How to Become a Member
Fill out the Membership Application and mail with check to: MidWest Clinicians' Network, Inc., 7215 Westshire Drive , Lansing , MI 48917