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*** All surveys are available in paper form or electronic! ***

MWCN offers patient experience (medical, dental, behavioral) and employee satisfaction surveys. Surveys are available at a low cost to MWCN members and non-members. 


Benefits of using the MWCN surveys include:


  • Actionable survey designed for process improvement efforts

  • Can be used annually or multiple times per year

  • Cost-effective tool that can save significant staff time

  • Quality reports at the organization, site and provider levels

  • Ability to compare your health center with aggregated data from other CHCs


Completed surveys are processed by MWCN which allows for substantial time savings at your health center. Reports are provided by organization, site, provider, age, race and gender.  In addition, aggregated data from other health centers is supplied for a comparison.


Results can ultimately:


  • Provide input from a patient’s perspective

  • Act as a benchmark for goal settingImprove patient loyalty

  • Helps organizations attain certain recognitions/accreditation

  • To order, fill out the appropriate order form below and send to

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

The Patient Experience survey is designed by Community Health Centers for Community Health Centers (CHCs). The survey gives health centers a cost-effective way to capture data that can be used for quality improvement efforts. The survey has been pilot tested and found to be a valid and reliable tool for the CHC patient population.


Sample NEW Revised as of 8/19 Patient Experience Survey (also available in Spanish)

Sample Dental Patient Experience Survey (also available in Spanish)

Sample Behavioral Health Patient Experience Survey

Sample Report

Sample Size Calculator

Newsletter Article on Using Satisfaction Surveys


Pricing & Order Form

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

The purpose of the survey is to provide the organization with information and insight from the employee's viewpoint about the community health center where they are employed. The results are intended for internal use by management.


Sample Employee Satisfaction Form

Sample Report

Newsletter Article on Using Satisfaction Surveys


Pricing & Order Form


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