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    Research Support for Community Health Centers

"Our goal is to build healthy communities through pioneering research with community health center"

The Research component of the Midwest Clinicians' Network (MWCN) began in 1995 in an effort to improve the care provided in community health centers through quality research efforts. The majority of the research has been focused on improving diabetes care in partnership with the University of Chicago. MWCN has enabled researchers to better understand the care provided to patients at community health centers and at the same time provided advice and tools to assist community health centers so that they can be successful when participating in research. Projects often focused on quality initiatives. Past research projects have focused on diabetes care as well as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity. MWCN has also explored staff morale and burnout, health literacy, and the care of the Latino patient. You will find the past research projects we have participated in and the publications that have been generated. MWCN is always looking for new research projects. You can contact us at with your research ideas or needs.

Current Projects/ Opportunities for Health Centers

Find information about current projects and opportunities to participate in research.

Research Resources

Research checklist, job descriptions, CITI Training, managing projects, agreements, research webinar

Free Consultation/ Form

The MWCN Research Committee will provide input on a project you are doing or considering.

MWCN Publications

View past projects and the information on their published papers. 

Connecting Investigators with Health Centers

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